2007~ A part time lecturer at the Kyoto University of art and design
2004    Selected as Domestic Apprentice of 2004' New Artists
Member of technical assistance of The university art museum, Tokyo University of the arts
2001~ Tracer of Historiographical Institute The University of Tokyo
2000 M.F.A. in Japanese painting (conservation),Tokyo University of the Arts.
1995 B.F.A. in Department of Scenography,Display Design, Musashino Art University.
1972 Born in chiba, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014    “Solo Exhibition” Hikari Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2012, '09 “Solo Exhibition” Ginza Miyuki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2007 “Solo Exhibition” αbank Art Gallery, Chiba

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 “Dandans,a Collective of Japanese Emerging Artist[IDEM]” Paris, France
2015 “Dandans,a Collective of Japanese Emerging Artist[BOA]” Paris, France
2014 A Collective of Japanese Emerging Artists” Zanther & Schulz, Berlin, Germany
2013 Dandans, a collective of emerging artist Japanese artists-” Browse & Darby Gallery,London, UK
2013 Energy for us” -from the artists' point of view-, Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Shibuya, Tokyo
2012 “Exhibition by five artists” Frederick Harris Gallery, Tokyo American Club, Tokyo
2011 Hierher Dorthin” Goethe-Institut, Tokyo
2010 “Exhibition Sai” Matsuzakaya ,Tokyo-Aichi, Japan
2004 “Exhibition Garyuzakura of japanese Art” Gifu, Japan
2004 “Exhibition Shinjyukai” Seibu-'04-'07, Tokyo, Japan
2001 “Exhibition Ichi” Matsuzakaya -'01-'09 ,Tokyo-Aichi, Japan
2000- “Exhibition Inten” -'01,'03-'07,'11-13 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2000- “Exhibition Haruno Inten” -'00,'04,'06,'08-'13 Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, Japan