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第 12 回
"Thinking of ENERGY" from the experience of FUKUSHIMA

第 7 回
The Lounge

第 12 回 "Thinking of ENERGY" from the experience of FUKUSHIMA
会期 : 16th October - 13th November 2014
展覧会場 : Auswartiges Amt, Federal Foreign Office, Werderschar Markt 1 10117 Berlin
概要 : In that exhibition, Japanese emerging artists from DANDANS expressed the conflicts and the contradictions surrounding the energy problems through their works.
Energy issues are global issues. In many ways the history of energy is also the history of humanity. We can not live without it. The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station came as a great shock and prompted a wide public debate. Germany and Japan seem to have chosen different routes in response.
Every day, many people from around the world come to the Lichthof. We are sure they would enjoy the exhibition of art works which address the issues of energy from various perspectives and feel prompted to think again about energy issues and our common future.

Hajime HASEGAWA / Hirosuke YABE / Keiki YAMADA / Masaharu FUTOYU / Masako KOBAYASHI / Mayumi KURONUMA / Shinji MAEDA / Ryota UNNO / Kazumasa NOGUCHI / Tengshing KAZAMA / Yusuke SASAKI

「The Shop  - 現代美術の着心地 - 」
Exhibition view